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ma·​vn | \ ˈmā-vn 

An expert or connoisseur

connecting brands & influencers

what is mavn?

Bridging the gap between diverse content creators & luxury brands

Exclusively Chosen Community

mavn’s application-only model ensures a curated meeting ground for brands and top-tier creators, fostering

high-quality collaborations.


Streamlined Success for All

With mavn, both creators and brands navigate past common challenges, focusing on profitable

and impactful partnerships.

Insights at Your Fingertips

mavn provides both brands and creators with one-click access to detailed campaign data, ensuring informed collaborations and optimized results for all parties.


for the brand

Bespoke Campaigns

With mavn, brands sculpt their desired collaboration framework, whether it’s luxury gifting or high-impact paid ventures, allowing for a tailored

influencer approach.


Insight-Driven Matches

mavn’s robust analytics tools ensure brands connect with creators based on detailed insights, fostering successful campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

White Glove Service

mavn takes the operational load off brands, managing the intricacies of contracts, payments, and KPI reporting, enabling brands to channel their focus solely on strategy and creativity.

The nation's most prestigious luxury brands trust mavn to power
their influencer marketing needs.
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for the creator

Quality Not Quantity

Being a mavn creator means you’re among the elite, chosen for the value you offer major brands. Creators are chosen through a vetted approval

process that ensures we’re working with creators who are ready to work.


Exclusive Doors Opened

As part of mavn’s select group, you’ll have access to a range of unparalleled collaborations — from gourmet dining events to immersive

travel experiences with luxury brands.


Hassle-Free Collaborations

At mavn, we do more than just connect you with premium brands. We take the lead in facilitating all transactions, ensuring smooth communication and timely payments.

Apply to join mavn today and embark on a journey that will elevate your creativity

and open doors to new and fulfilling opportunities.

Complete the form below to book a demo and/or request pricing tailored to your campaign's needs.

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