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ma·​vn | \ ˈmā-vn

: one who is experienced or knowledgeable; an expert

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what is mavn?

is designed to streamline opportunity, bridging the gap between diverse content creators & luxury brands alike for mutually beneficial gains

This is NOT another marketplace. mavn curates the industries top opportunities and serves as a concierge luxury partner between brands creators.

The concept was born out of wanting to find a way to work smarter not harder & finding a solution to streamline all organization & communication with creators of influence in one centralized location for large scale opportunity.

mavn has the ability to deliver elite opportunities, precise campaign information & garner in-depth insights for KPI reporting all with just a click.


Say goodbye to manual data organization & communication, lack of insights & credibility, stagnate outbound pitching or poor quality of content.

All creators can apply by downloading the mavn app located in the app store for consideration.

for the creator

Being a creator has its challenges. We hear you. We have been there.


That's why we’ve designed the solution you’ve been waiting for! A solution that will take influencer marketing to a whole new level. 

Creators can engage with the application process in two different ways:

     1.  A basic entry level application

     2.  A premium (mavn+) application


Both free of charge.

What’s the biggest difference? In order to be eligible for our most upscale paid & premium opportunities, you will need to be a mavn+ member sharing your social account insights with us for opportunity consideration.

You don’t need a million followers to apply. mavn’s mission is to grow a diverse community of all categories of creators who influence with their niche crafts, big or small.

for the brand

In theory working with creators should be simple, right?


You’ve got a product & creators are interested in collaborating, then why does it feel so time consuming & overwhelming? We find ourselves working harder, not smarter with vast amounts of wasted time. 


Brands will be able to dictate any type of opportunity to showcase on mavn from paid, barter, gifting or ambassadorship.


You’re the boss, these opportunities are non-binding upon their application & you get to decide who is the right fit for collaboration with our indepth data we have on file for each creator. Allowing us to be the best partners possible to our brands. 


mavn acts as the strongest utility on the market today, as the facilitator in connecting you to top creators who have been vetted, accepted and ready to work! 

Having an event? Upcoming photo shoot? Mavn’s sub-criteria search feature will allow for very niche category searches to push notification those members who fall under those guidelines. Oh and you didn’t think we forgot the most important part, we handle contracts, payments and KPI reporting for each campaign. You get the features to execute your unique strategy & mavn handles the rest.

The nations top tier luxury brands trust mavnto power their influencer marketing needs, are you ready to join them?

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